Information About Presentations

Symposia Oral Presentations

Oral presentations for the Globecom Symposia have been allocated  15 minutes of effective presentation time,  plus 2 minutes given to Q/A and 1 minute turnaround time between speakers.  
Authors must prepare their oral presentations to be sure to convey their message in a clear and sharp manner, including giving an outline of the key principles, facts and results. More detailed discussions can continue during the breaks.
In order to ensure a smooth performance during your session, we kindly ask you to comply with the following instructions:
  • Be at the session room 15 minutes before the session starts and introduce yourself to the session chair.
  • A video projector and a PC will be available in all conference rooms. You must test the compatibility of your laptop/tablet with the projector before the session starts, if you are using your own device for presentation. Session chairs have been asked to have a notebook PC available for speakers’ use. If you wish to use the chair’s notebook, please test the compatibility of your presentation file with the notebook’s operating system before the session starts.
  • Please contact your session chair well before the session, to make known your intentions with regard to presenting using your own device or the sessions chair’s.

Symposia Interactive Presentations

Interactive sessions for the Globecom Symposia have been scheduled in 90-minute slots, divided in two consecutive  sessions (in order to determine the type of session for your paper, the interactive session code includes the letter "IPS").
Each paper presentation is allocated 40 minutes, plus 5 min setup time and transition time to the next speaker.
Presentations are to be displayed on LCD screens, with the following properties:
1.       Resolution: HD
2.       Orientation: Landscape
3.       Display from your laptop - we will supply HDMI and VGA cable ONLY. If your laptop or other device does not provide HDMI or VGA output, you will need to bring any necessary adaptors.
Presenters should:
1.       Bring no later than 15 minutes prior to their session start their presentation (a set of PPT/PDF slides) with their laptop to the interactive session area located at the E-Poster Area in the Grand Ballroom Foyer, on the 5th floor. A volunteer will indicate which TV screen is allocated to the presenter.
2.       Introduce themselves to the Session Chair 15 minutes prior to the session.
During the refreshment breaks, the screens will be available for you to check your presentations.

Please make sure that when you make your interactive presentation the following are always visible on the screen:
  • session code
  • paper authors
  • paper title
so that attendees can easily identify the interactive presentations on whichever slide you might be commenting on at the point they join the presentation.
The IPS presentation offers the means to engage with the audience in a number of novel ways. Of course, attendees will move between the screens at times of their choosing.

Workshop Presentations

Presenters at workshops should follow the same general guidance as given above for oral presentations in the Symposia.  However, workshop presentations may follow different timings, and presenters should contact the particular workshop’s organizers for advice if further explanation is required.