Call for Executive Forums

IEEE GLOBECOM is one of the two flagship annual conferences of the IEEE Communications Society, the leading global professional society of communications industry professionals and academics with over 210 chapters worldwide. IEEE GLOBECOM 2017, like its predecessors, will showcase the latest in communications research and development, through its technical symposia, industry program, tutorials and workshops. Prominent keynote speakers will anchor each day’s program, and industry exhibits will be mounted in high-traffic locations.   There will be high-level executives and leaders addressing hot topics such as new horizons in the industry, trends in government regulations and status in international standardization, as well as researchers explaining their latest discoveries.

The conference provides an attractive Executive Forums program, which features Keynote Speeches, Industry Panels, Executive Forums, Industry Demos and Exhibits, Podium Presentations, and Lightning Talks.  The Executive Forums program is now soliciting proposals as follows:

Industry Panels
Industry panels are an important component of GLOBECOM, which bring together industry and academics from around the world for an interactive discussion on a specific topic among panel speakers and the audience.  Panels provide opportunities for the practicing professionals to both share and learn about the latest ideas, trends, and products and innovations of particular interest to industry in communications and networking.

Industry panel sessions are 90-minute moderated discussions, which are scheduled from December 5 (Monday) to December 7 (Wednesday). A panel submission must include:
·         A Panel Organizer with a commitment to arrange the specific topic of interest;
·         4 Panelists with a commitment to join in under the specific topic.
Before the submission of a panel proposal, it is expected that the Panel Organizer contacts all the envisaged Panelists in order to get their agreement for serving on the panel.  The Panel Organizer will serve as moderator during the panel.

The following structure is supposed to be taken for the panels.  The panel should not have more than 4 participants, plus the moderator.  The organizer/chair has to establish a few questions to be addressed by the participants.  The chair gives a presentation up to 10 minutes at the beginning of the panel, to introduce the topic.  Participants should address the questions posed, in a presentation up to 10 minutes each (very strict time control!). Basically, the presentation should have 6 slides, i.e., the cover slide plus one per question.  With this scheme, there will be enough time for discussion in the panel (which is the main goal of a panel).

The panel proposal should include:
·         Title for the proposed panel
·         Name, affiliation, contact information, and short biography of the Panel Organizer
·         Motivation and background for the panel, indicating topics to be discussed as well.
·         Names, affiliations, and short biography of the Panelists intended to invite.
Interested Panel Organizers should submit their proposals, using the template (available here), to all Executive Forums Co-Chairs by email as a PDF file attachment by May 8 (Thursday), 2017.  The due date for the acceptance notification is on July 6 (Thursday), 2017.

Executive Forums
The Executive Forum will follow the same format as the Industry Panels.  The only difference is that the organizers and the panelists will be restricted to be company executives, like CEOs and CTOs, who will give their vision on the forum topic to the audience.

Interested Executive Forum organizers should submit their proposals, using the template (available here), to all Executive Forums Co-Chairs by email as a PDF file attachment by May 8 (Thursday), 2017. The due date for the acceptance notification is on July 6 (Thursday), 2017.

Industry Forum Co-Chairs
·         Thomas Haustein (Fraunhofer HHI),
·         Edward Au (Huawei),
·         Anass Benjebbour (NTT DoCoMo),