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Vehicular communication is one of the key technologies in intelligent transportation system (ITS) to provide wireless connectivity among vehicles, road sides’ devices, passengers, and pedestrians. Diverse applications present different QoS requirements for communications and networking. Among various wireless access technologies, 5G based vehicular communication has become a competitive one because of high capacity, high mobility support, ubiquitous coverage, high reliability, guaranteed delay and good inter-operating ability with commercial operators. However, providing efficient vehicular communications based on 5G system still faces challenges in architecture, technologies and validation. Both academic and industrial have devoted great efforts on 5G based V2X communications.
This workshop is expected to bring together academic and industrial researchers in an effort to identify and discuss the major technical challenges and recent results related to vehicular communications based on 5G. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:
  • Enhancements of architecture of 5G for V2X communications.
  • Physical layer structure and synchronization of 5G for V2X communications.
  • Resource allocation of 5G for V2X communications.
  • Clustering for 5G based V2X communications.
  • Mobility management for 5G based V2X communications.
  • Device-to-device for 5G based V2X communications.
  • Mobile edge computing for 5G based V2X communications.
  • V2V and V2I coordination for 5G based V2X communications.
  • Standardization progress of 5G based V2X communications.
  • Prototype, testbed and service validation for 5G based V2X communications.
Paper Submission:
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Authors should follow Globecom2017 submission guidelines.
Important Dates:
  • Deadline for workshop paper submission: 23 July 2017 (final deadline)
  • Acceptance/rejection announcement: 1 September 2017
  • Final workshop papers due: 1 October 2017