WS-03: 8th International Workshop on Wireless Networking and Control for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles

Aims and Scope

Unmanned autonomous and especially unmanned aerial systems are being increasingly used in a large number of contexts to support humans in dangerous and difficult-to-reach environments. According to Gartner, commercial UAVs are one of the top tech trends in 2017. Key areas of commercial applications, such as public safety, inspection, surveillance, agriculture and logistics have gained attention lately and underline the potential of broad deployment of networked unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV). Meanwhile, the advent of a new generation of highly capable UAVs has also led to an increased interest in using UAVs as a means to boost the performance and coverage of existing cellular systems. As such, next-generation cellular networks will have to integrate UAVs in a variety of ways. Visionary scenarios foresee unmanned aerial vehicles to be organized in networked teams and even swarms. Indeed, the communication subsystem needs to provide highly reliable and delay-tolerant control links as well as data links. Meanwhile, unmanned aerial vehicles also offer the capability to form ad-hoc wireless networks, for example to facilitate communication in temporary hot spots or areas with scarce coverage while potentially aiding to compensate network outages in case of public events and emergencies. This eighth edition of the workshop aims to cover the most recent results of international research on new communications networks enabling the efficient control and context-awareness of teams of unmanned vehicles/systems with an emphasis on civilian and aerial applications, while any related work on unmanned autonomous systems working is comparable conditions (underwater, space, ground) is also invited.

List of Topics

  • Communication architectures and protocols for un-manned autonomous vehicles
  • Performance analysis and tradeoffs of UAV-enabled communications
  • New cellular network paradigms that rely on UAVs for wireless communications
  • Ad-hoc networking, routing, handover and meshing
  • Cooperation of ground, aerial and maritime unmanned vehicles
  • Localization, navigation, and dynamic path planning
  • Agent based mobility, multi-platform control, cognitive capabilities, and swarming
  • Cooperative network navigation
  • Multi-agent control and optimization
  • Communication, control and computing for autonomous vehicles/systems in 5G (e.g. Internet-of-Things, mission-critical applications, Tactile Internet)
  • Game-theoretic and learning solutions for autonomous systems communications and control
  • Optimal deployment strategies for autonomous vehicles and UAVs
  • Passive localization
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Compressive and cooperative sensing and navigation
  • Big data and machine learning for autonomous vehicles
  • Results from prototypes, test-beds and demonstrations


This is the eigth edition of the workshop.
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This year's program

This year's workshop features a key note of Prof. Rui Zhang, National University of Singapore, on "UAV Meets Wireless Communication: Opportunities and Challenges", followed by three technical sessions on "Aerial Base Stations", "Network Management and Routing with UAVs" and "Collaborative UAVs". The workshop will be closed with an interactive lightning session. Please find all details here