Lightning Talks

Coffee breaks (10:30-11:00, 6-7 Dec. 2017 and 15:30-16:00, 5-7 Dec.)
Location: Podium@Exhibition Hall

Lightning Talks are short five minute talks on technical topics. Nine talks will be presented during coffee breaks. The point of a lightning talk is not to give a detailed talk but rather to present briefly the main point. The topics acceptable for talks are any subject that is conference related. The organizing committee will decide whether the proposed topic is suitable for lightning talks.

Come to talk about your company’s product, a nifty algorithm trick, some thoughts triggered by presentations at the conference, or if you are a student, share the highlight of your thesis project. The main goal of the talk is to make your point fast and we move on to the next subject. No hard and fast rule about the presentation format, no judgment either. However, the five-minute time limit is strictly enforced and you will be asked to stop at the end of 5 minutes.

Everyone should be prepared for a fun, dynamic and entertaining lightning talk!


Time Presenter Topic
15:30, 5 Dec. 2017 Jun-hwan Kim (Keysight Technologies) 5G Key Trends and Insight for Test & Measurement Needs
15:30, 5 Dec. 2017 Feng Wang (Singapore University of Technology and Design; Guangdong University of Technology) Opportunistic Data Sharing via Personal Hotspot
10:30, 6 Dec. 2017 Manuel Uhm (National Instruments) SDRs for Deployment: The Latest in USRP SDRs
10:30, 6 Dec. 2017 Slawomir Pietrzyk (IS-Wireless) Software-defined Radio Access Network for 4G and 5G Mobile Networks
15:30, 6 Dec. 2017 Ben Coffin (National Instruments) 802.11 Application Framework - What's New?
15:30, 6 Dec. 2017 Neelakantan Nurani Krishnan (WINLAB, Rutgers University) Distributed MIMO for Multi-Antenna Wi-Fi Networks
10:30, 7 Dec. 2017 Yu-Jia Chen (National Chiao Tung University) Providing Deterministic Delay Guaranteed Service Chaining in 5G Network Slicing
10:30, 7 Dec. 2017 Luiz da Sliva (Trinity College Dublin) ORCA Open Call for Experiments – Using European Testbed Infrastructure to Validate Innovative Networked SDR Solutions
15:30, 7 Dec. 2017 Raghu M. Rao (Xilinx Inc.) RFSoC - FPGA with Integrated Data Convertors for Wireless Infrastructure