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Tetcos NetSim

NetSim - Accelerating Network R & D
NetSim is a leading network simulation / emulation software platform, used for research and development by 300 + customers across 15 countries 
NetSim features an extensive set of protocol libraries including 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 802.15.4 based WSNs, IOT, 802.22 Cognitive Radio, LTE / LTE-Advanced, MANET, VANET, IP, TCP and a variety of application models. An easy to use GUI enables users to create network designs and set properties. NetSim provides an animator to visualize packet flow, tabular and graphical view of throughput, delay, loss, utilization etc. A detailed packet and event trace is also available.
Researchers can develop their own protocols / algorithms by modifying NetSim's source C code. NetSim has well designed APIs for interfacing with other software such as MATLAB, SUMO, Wireshark etc. While NetSim simulator is virtual, NetSim Emulator enables users to link NetSim to live applications running on real devices. This allows live traffic to flow via the emulator and experience network effects.

NetSim support eco-system features: extensive videos libraries to help shorten the learning curve; helpdesk & phone tech support; monthly live webinars and regular product updates to customers.